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Call driver license Lawyer, Cindy Mannon, for legal representation or legal advice when it is time to get your driver’s license back in Michigan or if you need a Michigan clearance to obtain a driver’s license in your home state.

Driver License Restoration

How do I get my driver license back in Michigan after multiple drunk driving convictions?

If you have lost your driver license in Michigan as a result of multiple drunk driving convictions and you are ready to seek licensure from the Michigan Driver License Appeal Division (DAAD), you are ready for legal advice or representation. If you think you can attend this hearing without an attorney who specializes in driver license law, you are doing yourself a disservice. Why? If you lose at the Driver License Appeal hearing, you may not be able to reapply for licensure for at least 6 months to 1 year after the hearing. This is a long time to wait.
Don’t wait until it is too late! Call attorney Cindy Mannon, Driver License Legal Specialist, to assist you in restoring your Michigan driver license privileges or to obtain a Michigan clearance in order for you to obtain licensure in your new home state. Whether your license has been suspended or revoked, Attorney Cindy Mannon can help you.

How do I get my driver license back in my home state, when the State of Michigan refuses to grant a clearance because of prior drunk driving convictions in Michigan?

If the state of Michigan will not grant you a clearance, you may lose driver license privileges in your home state. You may have had a driver license; however, upon renewal, you may find that the state of Michigan is preventing you from renewing your driver license because of a “hold” on your license.

You will need a Michigan clearance before your state will grant licensure. If you have applied for this clearance and have been denied, you may not reapply for 6 months or even 1 year from the date of the DAAD decision. However, you are entitled to a Circuit Court appeal of this decision.

If your attempt at securing a Michigan clearance has failed, contact Attorney Cindy Mannon to discuss a Michigan Circuit Court driver license appeal.

Cindy Mannon has successfully handled hundreds of driver license cases and has successfully assisted clients as follows:

  • Successfully assisted Michigan residents in obtaining driver license privileges after license suspension/revocation.
  • Successfully assisted out-of-state residents obtain a Michigan clearance in order to obtain licensure in their home state.
  • Successfully appealed DAAD decisions to Ingham County Circuit Court enabling Michigan and out-of-state residents licensure.
  • Successfully obtained a Michigan Court Order which turned back the clock so that Michigan residents and out-of-state residents who previously were not entitled a license hearing until 2015, 2035, 2048 etc. were able to petition the State of Michigan for a driver license hearing now.

If you have a driver license problem in Michigan or another state because of Michigan, contact Attorney Cindy Mannon.

Attorney Cindy Mannon has been representing people who have lost their driver licenses since 1982. Don’t wait until it is too late. Contact Cindy Mannon now: 517-482-1000

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